C.M. West is the pseudonym for co-authors Carol Elkovich and Mark Butler.

From addicts to influencers, the art world takes all kinds— and everyone has something they’d kill for.

Our dark-hearted mysteries are set in the eccentric art subcultures of the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to our writing habit, we are both internationally exhibiting visual artists and our work stems from that experience.

We have several published short stories featuring intrepid, Tru James, who turns his artistic eye for detail to crime solving. Find those stories on our Amazon Author page, https://www.amazon.com/C.M.-West/e/B097NQMR9V/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_7

The working title for the first Tru James novel is The Painted Lady. Currently, we’re searching for the right literary agent for our debut novel and proposed Tru James series. 

Thanks for visiting. We can be contacted at partnersincrimefiction@gmail.com. 

Mark Butler Painting
Mark’s portrait of us

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