#LBGQT Pride. True Colors

It is fitting that our story True Colors will be published in this anthology, The Fish that Got Away, during the month of PRIDE since it contains #LGBQT+ themes. It is another short mystery featuring the intrepid artist/sleuth, Tru James. A graffiti portrait of a missing teen girl snags his attention, and Tru delves into San Francisco Bay Area skateboard and street art cultures searching for her. #mystery


Mark Butler Painting

Here we go. Retweet if you like the pitch, we are hoping to get an agent talking with us. Twitter handle is @CrimefictWest. I have several pitch versions and here is one that’s currently pinned to my profile.

From rusted warehouses of artist squats to glittering salons of collectors—the art world is murder. Struggling artist, Tru James, searches for a missing masterpiece and hones his talent for trouble when he encounters others who will stop at nothing to obtain it. #pitmad #A #M #S

#PitMad June3, retweets


The Infinite Blacktop meets the Burnt Orange Heresy

Hey folx and friends who are Twitter savvy, We’re doing #PitMad tomorrow, June 3. It is a literary madhouse pitch party. We are first timers to this scene and hoping to land the attention of a literary agent. Our chances go up for being seen if retweets of our posts are scattered throughout the day, and since we are limited to 3 tweets for our manuscript. It is 8 am – 8pm EST on June 3. Our CM West writing Twitter handle is @CrimefictWest — watch for our tweet and re-tweet to better our chances, if you can. THNX for the support. ❤