#PitMad June3, retweets


The Infinite Blacktop meets the Burnt Orange Heresy

Hey folx and friends who are Twitter savvy, We’re doing #PitMad tomorrow, June 3. It is a literary madhouse pitch party. We are first timers to this scene and hoping to land the attention of a literary agent. Our chances go up for being seen if retweets of our posts are scattered throughout the day, and since we are limited to 3 tweets for our manuscript. It is 8 am – 8pm EST on June 3. Our CM West writing Twitter handle is @CrimefictWest — watch for our tweet and re-tweet to better our chances, if you can. THNX for the support. ❤

The Infinite Blacktop

When asked to find comps, I say Sara Gran’s Claire DeWitt series has a certain hipster noir, snarky edge that relates to our style, especially The Infinite Blacktop and The Bohemian Highway. It’s the eccentric characters living on the edges of society, Oakland and California, the black humor, and the bursts of philosophy (or is it pop psychology?) that relate.

The Fish that Got Away! Anthology 2021

We are very excited to have received the news that another short story of ours has been accepted in the forthcoming Guppies Anthology, The Fish that Got Away. The Guppies (the Great Unpublished) are a sub-group of the national organization, Sisters in Crime. The Guppies are amazing, one of the most supportive organizations for emerging crime writers out there. We are grateful and honored to be included in the book. True Colors, a story featuring artist-sleuth Tru James, is slated to be published in The Fish that Got Away in spring of 2021.

C.M. West

In the tradition of classic crime fiction writers, we use a pen name, C.M. West.

For example, Ellery Queen is a crime fiction pseudonym by Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee, from 1929. Incidentally, those authors names are also penned and not their real names. Together as author Ellery Queen, they wrote novels and short stories involving a brilliant amateur detective, also named Ellery Queen.



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